Zombie Castaways


Help a zombie transform into a human for love




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Zombie Castaways is a resource game with a lovely story: a zombie falls in love with a girl and decides to travel through the zombie world in an attempt to become human. In this fun game, you have to help him on his adventure to find love.

The zombie world has everything you need to collect basic resources to help you survive your journey. Along the way, you'll need to create your own food stations and use other materials to get as far as you can. Build your own little city out of nothing to help you travel between different places in the zombie world.

In Zombie Castaways, you can plant different kinds of exotic vegetables, cook meals with them, and find all kinds of treasure. Travel between the islands in this fun world and find the ancestors who can turn you back into a human. Then travel through the human world and find your love to finish this story off with a happy ending.
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